Blink & Spit Kodachrome With The CLeC

CLeC-PrototypePhotographers who grew up with film may have heard the expression, “I wish I could blink and spit Kodachrome.” It seems engineering has caught up to that sentiment.  A prototype contact lens camera called the “CLeC” has been developed by a team of former Kodak scientists. Following in the vein of Google Glass, the CLeC actually fits on the photographer’s eye just like a contact lens. To take a picture, you just blink.

As you blink the image is captured and sent via WiFi to your smartphone where it’s fully processed. Because the CLeC passes all of the heavy lifting associated with processing the image file over to your smartphone, the actual on-board circuitry can be integrated into the something as small as the contact lens.

The CLeC is the first product to emerge from Silicon Valley Startup Kameyes “The NSA has been working on a similar system for years, but with all of these leaks distracting them, we think we beat them to it,” says lead designer and Kameyes founder Dr. Lirpa Eno. “One of the hurdles has been in the slight heat buildup as the photographer blinks and the image is captured, but in testing we found that the heat stimulated a tear-response and this has the effect of cooling the camera…and discovering that was really just dumb luck. Also, because we’re just making a camera here, we don’t have all of that ‘hello glass’ nonsense…seriously, have you ever been in an elevator with one of those people while they try to call up their calendar? It’s like they’re having some sort of seizure!”

The CLeC is expected to be manufactured in time for introductions at this year’s Photokina in Germany and  the 2014 Contact Lens Expo in Miami. There are also rumors that Facebook might be interested in buying the company to merge Kameyes with Instagram to create Blinkstagram