Photographers – Artists in Denial?

NMP.tifI know a lot of photographers, most of them male and I see a common theme among them. They are artists in denial.

Most of my friends became photographers through other professional careers like biologists, engineers, optometrists, surgeons, software developers, IT specialists, dentists, and police. If you think about these careers they are all precise, demanding, use a lot of technology and are heavily science based . No wonder my friends are attracted to photography – it’s so easy to geek out with technology and gear and to use ‘scientific’ formula techniques to get ‘acceptable’ results. Photography does not feel like art to them, it feels like a precise craft. And these guys are comfortable with being craftsmen… call them an artist and they get all anxious. Why? Simple! Most of these guys view artists as being not in control of themselves; they are flaky, insecure, emotional, sensitive, unreliable, and weak…. These are all undesirable traits to our type A control freaks. Defining yourself as an artist means you are vulnerable. That’ll never do! MORE….