Photographer’s Blocks


Expressing our vision hinges on our abilities to be both creative and productive.  Both are possible only if we experience a state of flow, what is often referred to as ‘being in the groove.’  It is when we are in such a state that we are at our peak in terms of expressing our inner feelings and emotions and translating them into our work.

I cover this subject in detail in the essay titled ‘flow’ in the Personal Vision Mastery Workshop on DVD.  My goal in the essay you are reading now is to talk about the opposite of flow.

The opposite of flow is blockage.  We have all experienced blockage: a state in which we feel totally unable to produce anything, let alone feel creative in any way.

There are several different types of blockages and this is why I used blocks and not block in the title of this essay.  My goal here is to cover what these blockages are and offer solutions and advice to prevent or remedy them. MORE…