Manfrotto introduces new lens filter lineup


Manfrotto has introduced a new line of lens filters, with UV, Circular Polarizer and Protective versions available. Offered in up to three flavors – Essential, Advanced and Professional – each filter offers anti-reflective and water repellent coatings.

Manfrotto’s UV filter comes in two variations, Essential which uses 8 layers of coating, and Advanced which has 12. The CPL filters are offered in Essential, Advanced and Professional. Essential and Advanced both offer 68% light transmission, while the latter provides more layers of coating. The Professional filter offers 90% light transmission and 12 layers of coating. Protective filters are offered only at the Pro level, with dust, moisture and scratch protection.

The filters are only available online with prices ranging from $24.99-169.99.

A Beginner’s Guide to Choosing a Mirrorless Camera

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHave you ever traveled to the shopping mall in search of a product, only to be met by dozens of similar options to choose between? Lowest-price vs best-value, long-lasting vs quick-acting, eco-friendly vs cost-effective: we are drowning in possibilities that years ago didn’t exist. Perhaps nowhere is the epidemic of choice more prevalent than in the digital camera world today. Since I began reviewing mirrorless cameras a couple of years ago with my partner Mathieu Gasquet, I’ve been surprised by just how many models exist for each brand. For instance, in the six years since mirrorless cameras first began to appear on the market, a total of thirty-six Micro Four Thirds system cameras and nineteen Sony E-mount cameras have been released, an astonishing number if you consider that new film cameras would be released only every two or three years. MORE…

Goodbye, Camera Roll: Where to find your photos in iOS 8

photos-130612-1Apple has reimagined the way photos are stored on your devices with iOS 8, but it has become a source of confusion for users and causes compatibility problems with some third-party apps. AppleInsider took a look at where your photos have gone and how to find them again. MORE…

A New Gadget

Hufa Clip at B&H Photo

Canon confirms price drop on select EF lenses

canon_lensUsing the slogan ‘milestone for us! NEW PRICES for you!’ Canon US has confirmed several price drops across its range of lenses, including multiple L-series models.

According to Canon the price reductions are in honor of reaching a milestone – the production of 100 million EF lenses. Price drops range from a modest $40 up to $1000 off the original retail price, depending on the lens. The EF 24-70mm f/4L IS USM stands out, dropping by $500 from its original (and frankly, very high) MSRP down to a much more reasonable $999.  MORE…

The Mirrorless Revolution


There is no question times are a changing and in the photographic world we are witnessing these changing times with the migration to mirrorless camera systems. A recent report by CIPA and summarized by shows that DSLR shipments are falling and mirrorless camera shipments are steadily climbing.

Recently Michael and Kenen Raber from the Luminous Landscape sat down and made the video below, The Mirrorless Revolution. We discuss the move to mirrorless and why both of us have adopted it and why we enjoy it and what we think of the present offerings in this market. Plus, Michael sends a message to Nikon and Canon.

Manfrotto announces carbon fiber BeFree tripod

jiiHc-laZaWsoyoYjRgLLPRknyAzwb3_SybIvl_CawMManfrotto has announced a carbon fiber version of its BeFree tripod, previously available only in aluminum. The lighter carbon fiber BeFree weighs 1.1 kg/2.4 lbs (as compared to the 1.4 kg/3 lb aluminum version) and features a reverse folding design that allows it shrink to 15.7 inches (~40cm) in length when collapsed and stored. Designed for travel, it can hold up to 4 kg/8.8 lbs and is available now in the US for.. MORE

500px now supporting Lytro ‘Living Pictures’

Screen_Shot_2014-07-24_at_1.06.37_PM500px has created a special page for Lytro, which is intended to become a showcase for images from the Illum, and fully supports the unique interactive features of Lytro’s ‘Living Pictures’. There are only eight images there right now, but this number should grow once the camera starts getting into the hands of consumers.  MORE…

Travel tripods: Comparing 5 aluminum kits

Alum_introIt is frequently said that ‘the best camera is the one you have with you,’ and when a stable platform for that camera is needed, the same could be said for tripods. Some leg sets are so large and heavy that they stay in the back of a closet or trunk of a car, despite the best intentions. Others are so small and fragile that using them requires bodily contortions, while a light wind could blow them over, sending your gear crashing down. MORE…

Dronestagram contest winners announced


Dronestagram, a website that allows drone photographers to share their images and videos, has announced the winners of their 2014 photo contest. Sponsored by National Geographic and GoPro (among other companies), the competition was open to photographers around the world. The top three winners were chosen in part because they showed ‘the fantastic potential offered by drones’ for photography. Three more prizes were awarded to the images that received the most ‘likes’ while the contest was underway. See the winning photos above.

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