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Photographer’s Blocks


Expressing our vision hinges on our abilities to be both creative and productive.  Both are possible only if we experience a state of flow, what is often referred to as ‘being in the groove.’  It is when we are in such a state that we are at our peak in terms of expressing our inner feelings and emotions and translating them into our work.

I cover this subject in detail in the essay titled ‘flow’ in the Personal Vision Mastery Workshop on DVD.  My goal in the essay you are reading now is to talk about the opposite of flow.

The opposite of flow is blockage.  We have all experienced blockage: a state in which we feel totally unable to produce anything, let alone feel creative in any way.

There are several different types of blockages and this is why I used blocks and not block in the title of this essay.  My goal here is to cover what these blockages are and offer solutions and advice to prevent or remedy them. MORE…

How To Get Your Images Looking Good On The Web

It would be ideal if every image we took could be displayed as a fine art print on somebody’s wall. These days, however, most photographs will be viewed on a screen via a website, so it is important to prepare our images for optimal viewing on the web. Unfortunately many websites, such as Facebook, further process the images we upload, compressing them and causing loss of detail and sharpness and introducing glitchy artifacts. Dedicated photography sharing websites, like and, handle our images with much more care, but the bottom line is that once we upload an image to any website other than our own, how it is processed and displayed is beyond our control. For this reason it is even more important that we do as much as we can to optimize our images before posting.

One of the most frequent questions I receive is how I get my images on the internet to look as good as they do. Various talented people, none of them me, have developed a variety of excellent techniques for preparing images for the web. Thanks to them, people like us are able to feel confident that the images we share look as good as they can. Sizing, sharpening and using the correct color space are the three most important elements of prepping images for optimal web viewing. I cover this topic in some of my tutorial sets, but it comes up enough that I wanted to address it on the blog and my YouTube Channel. In the following video tutorial I cover several techniques for sizing and sharpening images for the Internet. Some of the techniques can be easily accomplished on your own in Lightroom or Photoshop. Other techniques involve very advanced, multi-stage sizing and sharpening algorithms programmed into actions, scripts or plug-ins. In the notes below the video I include links to all of the web sizing/sharpening apps I demonstrate in the video. If you have a web prep technique or app that you would like to share, please comment in the blog comments or on the YouTube page. Sharing is one way we all progress. MORE…

Manfrotto introduces new lens filter lineup


Manfrotto has introduced a new line of lens filters, with UV, Circular Polarizer and Protective versions available. Offered in up to three flavors – Essential, Advanced and Professional – each filter offers anti-reflective and water repellent coatings.

Manfrotto’s UV filter comes in two variations, Essential which uses 8 layers of coating, and Advanced which has 12. The CPL filters are offered in Essential, Advanced and Professional. Essential and Advanced both offer 68% light transmission, while the latter provides more layers of coating. The Professional filter offers 90% light transmission and 12 layers of coating. Protective filters are offered only at the Pro level, with dust, moisture and scratch protection.

The filters are only available online with prices ranging from $24.99-169.99.

A Beginner’s Guide to Choosing a Mirrorless Camera

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHave you ever traveled to the shopping mall in search of a product, only to be met by dozens of similar options to choose between? Lowest-price vs best-value, long-lasting vs quick-acting, eco-friendly vs cost-effective: we are drowning in possibilities that years ago didn’t exist. Perhaps nowhere is the epidemic of choice more prevalent than in the digital camera world today. Since I began reviewing mirrorless cameras a couple of years ago with my partner Mathieu Gasquet, I’ve been surprised by just how many models exist for each brand. For instance, in the six years since mirrorless cameras first began to appear on the market, a total of thirty-six Micro Four Thirds system cameras and nineteen Sony E-mount cameras have been released, an astonishing number if you consider that new film cameras would be released only every two or three years. MORE…

The Compelling Image Photography Contest

wolfe_eblast8There’s still time to present your wildlife, nature and landscape work to top American wildlife photographer Art Wolfe, and to win a prize package that includes a DSLR camera, a $250 Amazon gift card, a $100 B&H gift card, a signed Art Wolfe photo book, a PHOTO+ membership package, and prominent placement in the Winners’ Gallery on All honorable mentions will also be featured in the Shutterlove gallery, curated by Art Wolfe.  MORE…

Interview with Art Wolfe

As part of our DPReview Live event earlier this month, we sat down with renowned wildlife photographer Art Wolfe to ask him some questions about his work, vision and philosophy. With over sixty books published and a public television documentary series under his belt, Wolfe has plenty to offer on the subject of wildlife photography.