Bob Kuest

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Photography has been a part of my activities for most of my life. I spent 30+ years in the Beaverton School District as a teacher and audio/visual media specialist. Most of
those years I was a yearbook advisor and taught B&W darkroom to middle school students. I also taught PCC Adult Ed classes for about ten years. Family travels have provided many photographic opportunities from which I have created a series of travelogues which I present at local senior residences. As a photographer I consider myself more of a good mechanic than an artist. But I’m always learning the artistic side. I’ve worked in many different types of subject matter over the years. I especially enjoy people pictures, scenics, animal pictures, and experimental work with time exposures and motion sensing equipment.

My gear includes Canon 10D, T2i and T5i DSLR’s with kit lenses plus other macro and wide angle lenses. It also includes several point-and-shoot cameras, extension
tubes, tele-extenders, and various flash units (including a couple of old Honeywell Strobonar units for fast action work.) Several older tripods, a copy stand, and some DIY motion sensors add to the fun.

Post Processing:
Post processing is a continuing learning project with iPhoto and Aperture being my main software. I also dabble with Photoshop Elements.

Recently my main project has been “Backyard Visitors.” I use motion sensing equipment to shoot the raccoons, skunks, possums, humming birds, etc. that visit our yard during the day and at night. I’ve also done a bit of work capturing light wand time exposures with my grandson and some liquids in motion closeups with a special rig I built. Fireworks pictures and several photography crafts also stretch my creativity.