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CherylMI fell in love with photography when my boss (a photographer himself) complimented a shot I captured of my daughter holding a camellia in her hands.  She was 6 and now she’s 44, and the camera was a Brownie.  My boss suggested I read Time/Life’s book called “The Camera.”  I loved that book; everything from f-stops and apertures to depth of field; it was all new to me. After reading the book and gaining this much-needed basic understanding I bought my first “real” Argus 35mm film camera.

I was fortunate to take a weekend field trip with a group led by Bryan Peterson back in his early career days when he wrote a column for The Oregonian..  He set up his camera on a tripod at each stop along the way from Shaniko to Sisters, and invited us to look through the viewfinder—he taught me much about how to “see”.  I love photographing flowers and gardens, and took a class from Allan Mandell; author, professional garden photographer & teacher, who taught me how to “edit in camera.”  Those were the days before Photoshop, etc. but the discipline is still almost the same I follow when framing a shot. Most recently I’ve taken photography classes from Warren Mitchell at PCC.  He taught me to ask  “what’s the subject?” when I frame my shot, and he taught me about the simple but very effective option of “5 stops down” in certain cases, allowing the unwanted background to fade to black.

What other hobby or passion holds the richness and excitement of new opportunities to see new places, captures an infinite amount of subject matter and memories, and holds your interest throughout every stage of life?  It’s photography for me!

Equipment:  Camera:  Canon Rebel Xsi.  Lenses: Sigma 18-200mm, Canon EF 75-300mm, Tokina 12-24mm, a sturdy tripod and various assorted gear.

Post Processing:  Photoshop, Photomatix, Lightroom (beginning to learn)

Projects:  For the past ten years I have given an 11×14 laminated calendar to friends and family each Christmas, so I’m always looking for the next year’s best photos to include in next year’s gift.  I’ve also created many Roxio PhotoShows for friends and family to watch that include vacations, special events, memorials, pets, etc., and I have made many commemorative Photo Books using the My Publisher program.  Getting some photographs ready for the OPC Library Show in 2015 will be another project for this year.


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