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Gerry Mettler

Gerry Mettler

About Gerry: Always having an interest in photography, Gerry got his first camera at age 12 when he began taking pictures of his family, friends and dog.  In the 70’s things started to get more serious when he purchased his first 35mm and 3 lenses.  At the same time he began reading photo magazines and photography books to learn composition, lighting and the equipment needed to make good images.  It was at that time he discovered Ansel Adams’ work and books which turned out to be a big influence in his photography.  He, also, took classes at Mt. Hood Community College, learning black and white photography and dark room techniques.  In the early 80’s he started shooting with a Nikon FM, FM2, and N8008s. When the 90’s rolled around he began using a Mamiya RB Pros 6×7 and C220 6×6 for his calendar and annual report photos. After retiring as a Corporate Purchasing Agent and Photographer (2004) he was introduced to digital when his co-workers gave him a Canon G5 as a retirement gift.  In 2009 He purchased a Nikon D90 which he is still using today.

Bio: Freelance photographer, Gerry Mettler, a Midwest native, relocated to the Northwest in 1961. In 1984, he began photographing Oregon and Washington to capture it’s amazing beauty. Mettler’s work has appeared in many publication: Multnomah Press; corporate calendars; US West EZ Guides; company annual reports; hotel and tour Brochures.  He also has a series of note-cards published by NW ARTMALL.

He received many awards, exhibiting in various venues.  As a member of Blue Mountain Camera Club of Walla Walla, he won awards in 2008 and 2009 for creative, creative electronic and traditional photos of the year. He was selected as a finalist by the Photographer’s Annual Forum and was published in The Best of Photography.

Equipment: Camera: Nikon D90; Canon G-5 Power Shot.  Lenses: Nikon 18-105mm, Nikon 70-300mm, Nikon 60mm Macro, Kenko Extension tubes 12mm, 20mm, 36mm. Tripod: Manfrotto 3021, 410 Head, 438 Leveling Head,  Manfrotto 3021S,w/3047 Head, Manfrotto Monopod w/487 Ball Head, Velbon Macro Slider, Hoodsman Loupe LPP3. Accessories: Gossen Luna-Pro F Light Meter, Gossen Ultra-Spot Light Meter, Tamrac Camera bags 606 and 610.

Current Project: Macro and architectural photography has always been a favorite. I like looking for patterns, forms, the play of light and function in nature, anything to create a mystery.

Post Processing: Photoshop Elements 12, Topaz Labs Adjust 5, Black & White Effects 2, Detail, DeNoise, Re-Style, Clarity.  OnOne Software FX Perfect.  Canon Photo Printer IP7200, Epson 1640 Photo Scanner With Hemrick 3rd party software.

Enjoy some of Gerry’s stunning photography included in his portfolio.

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