Jack Maloney

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I have loved photography for my entire life but became serious about it when I moved to Seattle, Washington back in the 80’s. While I don’t like to limit myself as to a particular “type” of photography, my main focus is on grand landscapes that reflect some of the most beautiful places on earth. My goal is to search these unique places out and bring back the beauty for all to see.

I currently live in the Portland Oregon area and travel throughout the Pacific Northwest and the Western United States looking for nature’s beauty. My hope is that my pursuits will inspire people to protect and save the few remaining natural places on this earth.

Artist’s Statement:
To me a successful photograph is not just beautiful to look at but also suggests a sense of wonder and ambiguity. They give the viewer a sense of awe, seeing a hidden place that most will never witness. Nature gives us the opportunity to find these great images just about everywhere and every day. However, it takes the vision of an artist to unravel them from their natural environment; mix them with the ever evolving light; and capture and preserve that moment for all to see.

I’m currently using Canon cameras, lenses with various filters and associated  equipment.  A sturdy tripod is also an important part of my gear.  While a good quality photography equipment is mandatory, the person behind the camera is what creates the “magic.”  The unique vision of the photographer along with his knowledge of how to capture it with the equipment at hand is the true form of the art.

Post Processing:
Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop CC are the tools of my choice.

In an effort to grow my photography I am currently working on ICM (Intentional Camera Movement) photography along with an increased emphasis on abstracts.