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Linda Sundve

Linda has been a member of the club since the fall of 2013.  In her words “I am gaining a worth of knowledge and inspiration from experienced members.”  She has been behind a camera since her teenage days and enjoyed doing picture albums of her two sons as they grew.  Her first SLR film camera (Fujica STX-1) was a gift from her mother in the ‘80s.  She updated to a DSLR in 2008.  She has taken several photography classes, loves visiting photo galleries, and enjoys reading photo books.  Her inspiration is photographer Art Wolfe and his TV program Travels to the Edge.

Equipment:  Nikon D90; Lenses Nikon 27-120mm 1:4G ED; Nikon 70-300mm 1:4.5-5.6 G; Nikon 50mm 1:1.8D.  Tripods: SunPak; Dolica Reversible Traveler; and Joby Flexible.

Post Processing: Over the past year she has been using Photoshop Elements, and Coral PaintShop X6 to not only enhance her photos but capture the picture in RAW and process it using different techniques including HDR.  She is also, having fun learning and seeing the next step that is possible in a photo.

Projects:  Travel has been a big aspect of Linda’s journey in life where she enjoy’s photographing landscape, animals, and culture.  She has been to 47 states and around 16 countries but the most thrilling adventure she was able to embark on was in 2009 on an ice breaker ship through the Arctic in Spitsbergen (80 degree).  Using her first digital camera (Nikon D60) she capture her first siting of a polar bear sliding down a mountain and the blue whales at 1:30 in the morning (midnight sun).    She has made photo books through My Publisher for each journey, just completing her last book of a great trip to Peru this past spring.

Artists Statement:  I am so glad that creation is so great, worth a lifetime of study, and there is no endless in enjoying the splendor and beauty it gives me to be able to capture that next picture