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Sheila E. Griffie was born in Connecticut, into a family filled with musical talent.  As a youngster, she took a different creative path.  When she wasn’t reading a book she could often be found with her first camera, a Kodak Brownie Hawkeye?

When she purchased her first 35mm camera, a mamiya/ sekor 528TL, the real fun began. Over time, photography became her passion – she is seldom without a camera. Most recently, she has been shooting with NIKON gear.

Since moving to the Pacific Northwest, her love of photography has grown.  Ever the enthusiastic student, she continues to enroll in workshops and classes to learn more about the technology and art of photography.

A professor at Pacific University, but ever a traveler, Spring Break and summer will likely find Sheila abroad or visiting friends and family in the US.

With camera in hand, the shapes and colors she encounters collaborate to create synchronicity.  Sheila’s images from her travels capture the shapes and colors that emanate from the magic of art and nature.

Equipment:  Camera:  NIKON D800, D700 and D200 (IR) Lenses:  24-70mm 2.8, 17-35mm 2.8, 70-200mm 2.8, 105mm 2.8, 28-300mm, 180200mm DX, 24-120mm, 16mm Fisheye, 50mm 1.2, 50mm 1.4 and TC 20E III, SB800 and SB24, Manfrotto tripods and monopod, RRS Ball head/clamp and L-Brackets for my NIKON bodies.  Crumpler’s  Whickey Cox and Karachi camera bags.

Contact:  sheila#@griffie.org

Website: www.griffiegallery.com


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