Member Galleries

Setting up a gallery is a simple process that is done for members of the Orenco Photography Club only. The following provides the information on how to do so:

How To Set Up Your Gallery Initially

Send the following information to: (Webmaster)

Name: As you want viewers to know you by.
Website: (Optional) If you have a photography website provide the URL.
Social Media: (Optional) If you want to share your photography Social Media links send the URL for each.
E-mail: (Optional) If you want someone viewing your gallery to be able to contact you.
Headshot: (Optional) If you want to include an image of you to appear on your gallery page.

Photos for your gallery:
Send largest size at 72 dpi resolution.
There is not a limit to the number of photos you can add to your gallery. Send a ZIP file or files. (Limited only by what your mail server allows you to send.)
If you want your files in a particular order then label them numerically.
If you want a title for each photo be sure the photo is saved and shared with that title as the name.

Every effort is made to set up galleries as quickly as possible .  It can however take up to 2 weeks to set up.

Updating Your Gallery

Send an e-mail to with a zip file of the photos you want to add.

If you would like photos removed provide specific instructions on which photos you want taken down. Photos remain as part of the gallery but are merely hidden.

If you have any questions you can call Cheryl at 503-830-0587.  Evenings please.