OPC Google+ Tips

Posting Guidelines:

  • Post only original photos and images that  you own and have copyrighted.  Other will be removed.
  • Members  may share other content supporting  the Club but only with attribution to the original content creator.
  • Focus must be on photography topics that meet the Club’s goal of helping each other learn, improve, and collaborate on the topic of photography. In other words:
  • Don’t post images with text/texture overlays. A watermark is permitted but not greeting card style text overlays.
  • Don’t share funny videos unless they support the Club goals.
  • Don’t post political, religious, rude, or sexual content.
  • Google+ is not intended to duplicate Facebook.
  • Don’t use the Google+community to sell or promote products or services.
  • Be fair to others who post.  Be judicious about the number of images you post.


  • Ideas for events that support the Club goals are encouraged.   Members are free to host  events around those goals.  Some events attract many participants while others have very few participants.  Members should host events that appeal to them personally even if no other members participate.    Let the RSVP’s guide you.  Use the event setup to communicate with others that have shown interest.
  • RSVP to events that you plan to attend.  Be polite and let the event organizer know if your plans change.
  • By attending any Club event, members and guests understand that they are responsible for themselves, their personal property including their equipment.  Members and guests understand that they are attending at their own risk. The organizers are not liable for injury, theft, damage to equipment or any other untoward occurrence at any event.

Tips for hosting a club event

Hosting a Club event should be fun and provide a chance to get to know other Club members.  G+ event capability makes hosting an event easy.   Some things to consider before setting up an event and some quick tips that might help include:

  • Every event announcement should clearly state the following:
  • Day
  • Date
  • Meeting Time
  • Meeting Place
  • Location of the event
  • Entry fees or other costs
  • Carpooling options if any
  • Any plans to go out for a meal or drinks during or after the event?
  • Tips for photography gear to bring
  • Tips for what to wear
  • Warning about weather or location
  • How much walking is involved or the difficulty of any hiking
  • Approximate event duration
  • Link to venue website, map, or other interesting points

Event participants should be informed that a certain number of participants are required to make the event worthwhile.   Another option to consider is to host events that you would do even if no one else attends and let the RSVP’s guide you.

When events are set up for only Club members, plans should  start from within the OPC Community.  If they are started from the G+ home page, the general public may want to participate.  Double check the TO: line before posting to make sure it says “Orenco Photography Club”.

The Event Theme banner at the top of the event notice can be changed..  Changing the banner is done by hitting the “Change Theme” on the left side of the banner.  There are options for the themes including using personal photos.  It’s best to think about this before starting the event setup.

If a large event is considered a planning event long before the actual event date should occur.   Setting up an event at a local restaurant to get input from other members on the event arrangements may encourage participation in the planning event. The planning event will also give the planner some idea of how many members are interested in the event.